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Media Coverage of the June 6th Global Day of Action

Check out NGA’s Flickr page for more photos from the Global Day of Action


Chicago Workers Protest Low Wages, Treatment of McDonald’s Employees On Global Day Of Action (VIDEO)

Progress Illinois

“Unfortunately, McDonald’s has continued to claim that they treat their workers with dignity and respect, and there’s a lot of opportunity, when in fact most of these workers have no benefits, they’re earning the minimum wage, they have no sick leave,” he said.


International guestworkers protest against McDonald’s for labor abuse allegations

“On Thursday, protests were held in more than 30 countries targeting McDonald’s for alleged labor abuse against international student guestworkers.”


Unite Union to Join Global Day of Action against McDonald’s

“So that is how he spoilt all my work visa by misusing me and when I am nearly finishing visa, who can give me job at this time.”

Action de solidarité au restaurant McDonald’s

FGTB Horval – Belgium

Cet établissement a été choisi, parce que il s’agit du premier restaurant de Mc Donald’s ouvert en Belgique. Une journée mondiale d’action se déroule aujourd’hui dans les restaurants de Mc Donald’s dans plus de 30 pays aux quatre coins du monde.


Belabored Podcast #9: Who Stole My Wages?

Dissent Magazine

Labor journalists Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe discuss the NGA’s #McDonald’sMustPay Global Day of Action on their weekly podcast Belabored.

Images of the Day – June 6th 2013












Action de solidarité au restaurant Mc Donald’s


Cet établissement a été choisi, parce que il s’agit du premier restaurant de Mc Donald’s ouvert en Belgique. Une journée mondiale d’action se déroule aujourd’hui dans les restaurants de Mc Donald’s dans plus de 30 pays aux quatre coins du monde. 


Boca de Polen, 4-juni0-13
6 de junio, Día de Acción Global contra McDonald’s

Asociación Lationoamericana de Educación Radiofónica, 6 –junio-13
México: Día de Acción Global contra McDonald’s

La Jornada, 6-junio-2013
“Clausuran” McDonald’s del Zócalo por violación a derechos laborales

SDP Noticias, 6-junio-2013
“Clausuran McDonald’s sucursal Zócalo

El Diario de México, 6-junio-13
“Cierran” McDonald’s en el centro

24 horas. El diario sin límites, 6-junio-2013
McDonald’s del Zócalo fue “cerrado” por violar derechos laborales

Vanguardia, 6-junio-2013
McDonald’s del Zócalo capitalino fue “cerrado” por violar derechos laborales

La Jornada, 7-06-2013
Clausura simbólica de McDonald’s

Photos from the Global Day of Action

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Martha Uvalle Guel: Blowing the Whistle on Labor Abuse – 5/28/13

When guestworkers like Martha Uvalle blow the whistle on abuse, they protect the wages and conditions of the 24 million U.S. workers alongside them. Tell Congress that immigration reform should protect guestworker whistleblowers — for the sake of ALL America’s workers!


Deal Pending on Immigration Reform – KCRW – 4/1/13

Deal Pending on Immigration Reform

Warren Olney
April 1, 2013

Just as Senators of both parties were announcing that “comprehensive immigration reform” was finally a done deal, it turned out that it might not be after all.  Will a guest-worker program for unskilled immigrants kill it again, or will it be border security, a “path to citizenship” or one of the other complications that have scuttled it in the past? NGA Executive Director Saket Soni discusses the proposed expansion of the guestworker program and the labor protections that need to be included.

Skip to 8:00 for the immigration piece.

Guestworkers Who Suffered Horrific Conditions At McDonald’s Bring Grievances To Congress – ThinkProgress – 3/20/13

Guestworkers Who Suffered Horrific Conditions At McDonald’s Bring Grievances To Congress

Annie-Rose Strasser
March 20, 2013

When a group of young Latin American students arrived in the United States to work as guestworkers at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s, they thought they were in for an amazing experience — a chance to see the US up close, and to experience the culture that defines the country. But that’s not what they got at all.

Instead, Jorge Rios of Argentina, Fernando Accosta from Paraguay, Luis Fernando Suarez Mendosa of Peru, and Rodrigo Yanez of Chile say they saw the worst of American culture: The exploitation of low-wage workers with no voice.

At the McDonald’s where they were sent to work, they report that they were shoved into a basement room with six cots, and forced to pay for the inadequate lodging out of their meager wages — made all the more meager by the fact that their boss wouldn’t give them the 40 hours a week promised.

They also say they had to walk a dangerous highway to get to work:

Adding insult to injury, each student had paid $3,000 just to get into the guestworker program.

But now, in coordination with the broader National Guestworkers Alliance, those students and others have filed complaints with the State Department and Department of Labor. McDonald’s says it is investigating the complaints, which are against a single franchise owner and not the company as a whole.

The students also brought their grievances to the apex of the immigration debate, Capitol Hill, on Wednesday. They told their personal testimonies to legislators, trying to convince them that any immigration overhaul must include the language in the guestworker protections.

“When we asked for solutions, the sponsor didn’t solve our problems. When we asked for help, the Department of State didn’t assist us. I feared losing everything I had spent to come here,” said Jorge Rios, who originally contacted the Guestworker Alliance to report the abuses he experienced, “I feared being devoid of the opportunity to travel around the country. I feared suffering the humiliation of being sent back home. I feared being blacklisted and losing the chance to re-enter the US in the future. I was paralyzed by fear.”

Republicans have insisted that if they are going to consider any immigration reform legislation, a guest worker program must be a part of the package. Such programs generally bring in low-wage workers to do jobs Americans won’t, and those workers remain in the country on a J1 visa for some number of months before returning to their country of origin.

But story after story reveals that such programs have become exploitative, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has refered to the work as “close to slavery.” If an expanded guestworker program does become part of the larger immigration reform package, questions about the guestworker program and its treatment of young students are bound to come up.

Union members help McDonald’s protesters take their message national – The Patriot News – 3/13/13

Union members help McDonald’s protesters take their message national
The Patriot News

David Wenner

Some of the J-1 exchange students who walked off their jobs at several Harrisburg-area McDonald’s last week planned to take their protest to New York City on Thursday.

The trip was scheduled to include a stop at a McDonald’s in Times Square, where protesters planned to demand a meeting with the McDonald’s national CEO.

Since their Harrisburg-area protest last week, the protesters who remain in the United States have been working with union-affiliated groups and labor movement members who are helping them travel throughout the United States.

Some of their time will be spent with U.S. union members and laborers who are protesting the treatment of bottom-rung U.S. workers.

The J-1 students, who had been working at three Harrisburg-area McDonald’s franchises for about three months, are demanding that the national McDonald’s chain compensate them for wages and overtime pay they say they are owed, and the cost of their housing, for which they say they were overcharged.

They also want McDonald’s to pay them for the cost of coming to work in the United States, which is $3,000 per person or more.

They further want McDonald’s to give full-time work to more American employees, and to disclose how many foreign students are working at McDonald’s restaurants around the country.

A McDonald’s spokesperson couldn’t immediately be reached on Wednesday. The company had said it was investigating the students’ claims.

The Harrisburg-area protest involved 14 J-1 students who were employed at three local McDonald’s franchises owned by Andy Cheung, who hasn’t commented publicly on the students’ claims.

Some of the students claim they were required to work excessively long hours, while others said they were given far less than the 40 hours per week they expected.

They also claim they were charged above-market rent to live in homes owned by Cheung, who they say deducted the rent from their paychecks.

The students, with the help of lawyers from the National Guestworkers Alliance, filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. State Department, which oversees the Summer Work Travel program that brought the students to the United States. The two federal agencies are investigating.



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