Exploitation in the H-2B Guestworker Program

The problems with the H-2B program are numerous, and well-documented. Rampant abuses occur in the system, and include: failure to pay promised wages, retaliation for defending basic rights on the job, and even involuntary servitude. For Shellion Parris and her co-workers, the H-2B program meant $0 dollar paychecks, threats of deportation, overcrowded living conditions, and illegal rent deductions.

(Read Leveling the Playing Field: Reforming the H-2B Program to Protect Guestworkers and U.S. Workers, a report by NGA and Penn State Dickinson School of Law.)

Given the program’s problems, NGA applauded the Department of Labor’s 2015 H-2B Interim Final Rule (“DOL H-2B Rule”) aimed at eliminating some the program’s worst abuses. The commonsense Rule provides vital protections for all involved, including guestworkers, U.S. workers, and high-road employers.

Appropriations: A Backdoor Way to Drive Down Wages and Working Conditions

This year, industry is using the appropriations process as a means to gut vital protections in the DOL H-2B Rule. The entirety of the DOL H-2B Rule is needed as it helps ensure that U.S. workers and guestworkers have decent wages and working conditions.

Policy riders—ideological legislation tucked into the appropriations process—that weaken the DOL H-2B Rule, or erode H-2B worker protections, should not be part of any omnibus or appropriations measure.

Specifically, the proposed policy riders would:

  • Lower the wages of U.S. workers.
  • Allow employers to bring guestworkers and have them wait, unable to earn a living and potentially pushing them into great debt.
  • Triple the size of the H-2B program while reducing oversight.
  • Allow employers to virtually bypass recruiting of U.S. workers.

H-2B Riders Make All Workers Easier to Exploit and Undercut High-Road Employers

At the core, these policy riders fuel a race to bottom that takes a toll on every worker in the U.S. The industry’s riders promise a future of lower wages and working conditions while undercutting high-road employers. Congress must stand-up to these attempts and help ensure that all workers are protected.

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For more information about the abuses that guestworkers routinely experience, and the need for the entirety of the DOL’s Rule, please read:

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