Jamaican guestworkers’ DOL complaint – 8-19-13

On August 19, 2013, immigrant guestworkers on H-2B visas defied threats of deportation to expose horrific conditions they endured while they were leased out as housecleaners to luxury condo managers on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

The workers’ employer, a contractor on Florida’s Emerald Coast called Mister Clean Laundry and Cleaning Services, charged the workers thousands of dollars in recruitment fees that plunged their families into debt. He forced them into overcrowded company housing and sub-minimum-wage jobs, then leased them to luxury beach condo managers. When the workers stood up to demand their pay, the employer issued written threats that he would evict them and have them deported by immigration police.

Read the workers’ official complaint to the Department of Labor, filed Aug. 19, 2013 (PDF).

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