New Report from INEDIM: Recruitment and Hiring of Migrant Workers and Dynamics of Temporary Labor Migrations

From INEDIM (Instituto de Estudios y Divulgación sobre Migración), an important new report on migrant workers, social security, and the dynamics of temporary labor migrations. 

From the report’s introduction:

Thousands of people cross international lines in search of a better life or a better security for them and their families. Although some migrants move with the desire to improve their income, many are forced to leave their homes because of poverty or famine, other natural disasters and even violent conflict, or because they are persecuted.

The report, ¿Quo Vadis? Reclutamiento y contratación de trabajadores migrantes y su acceso a la seguridad social: dinámica de los sistemas de trabajo temporal migratorio en Norte y Centroamérica, offers an excellent opportunity to learn in depth the current state of this phenomenon, but also an opportunity for reflection on the search to improve the design and implementation of immigration policies which are meant to protect the rights of temporary migrant workers in this region.

Download the full report here (PDF 1.7 MB) or view below.


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