President Obama listened

On Jan. 29, President Obama announced his blueprint for immigration reform. And his top-line priorities include a huge win for workers.

For years, we’ve been exposing the way that this country’s immigration system is used as a weapon by companies who want to retaliate against workers who organize for their rights. When workers fight for dignity at work, bosses call immigration police. Instead of being rewarded for their courage, workers are deported.

We’ve been pushing to make labor protections, the right to organize, and freedom from fear of retaliation key to any immigration reform.

Here’s what the White House released yesterday:

Protections for all workers. The President’s proposal protects workers against retaliation for exercising their labor rights. It increases the penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers to skirt the workplace standards that protect all workers. And it creates a “labor law enforcement fund” to help ensure that industries that employ significant numbers of immigrant workers comply with labor laws.

Our priorities are now the president’s priorities. That’s a win. In the coming months we’re going to make sure they become a reality.

Our members are gearing up to confront the corporations that profit from this country’s cruel immigration system—members like Ana Rosa Diaz, who exposed forced labor at a Walmart seafood supplier, and Josué Diaz, who stood up against wage theft and retaliatory firing.

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