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“I never imagined that we would do something that would become so big.”

This year, you followed the story of Ana Rosa Diaz, a 40-year-old mother of four from Mexico who came to Louisiana to be a guestworker at a Wal-Mart supplier called C.J.’s Seafood.

The company forced Ana and her fellow guestworkers to work up to 24-hour shifts with no overtime pay, threatened them with beatings to make them work faster, and threatened violence against their families when workers tried to stand up for their rights.

But with your support, Ana and her fellow guestworkers fought back and won:

Can you celebrate these victories and fuel next year’s fights against coporate greed with $10, $25, $50, $100 or more?

“If you start to think about everything they sell at Walmart,”Ana said, “you think about how many workers it takes….And apart from all of us who produce those things, there are the salespeople, the people who clean the store, the security guards. It’s an infinity of workers.”

Those workers have a huge fight ahead next year against Wal-Mart’s corporate greed.

Please make an end-of-year donation today to support the workers’ next fight for dignity at work — for guestworkers and U.S. workers alike!

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