Victory at Wal-Mart!

Bad news for the world’s biggest employer: even as hundreds of Wal-Mart store workers have been on strike against the retail giant for the first time in history, the C.J.’s Seafood workers who exposed forced labor on the Wal-Mart supply chain this summer have won a huge new victory.

The federal government just vindicated the C.J.’s workers by granting them special visas for victims of serious crimes. Now, armed with protections against deportation, the C.J.’s workers are entering labor camps across the Louisiana coast, organizing hundreds of other Wal-Mart supply chain workers to stop forced labor at their own workplaces.

Maria is one of them. She’s 38, a mother, and a guestworker who peels shrimp for a Wal-Mart supplier in Louisiana.

Under constant pressure to work faster, Maria has severe back pain and tendonitis. Last month when she asked to leave work early for a doctor’s appointment, her manager grabbed her and shook her so violently that it left dark bruises on her arms and shoulder.

Maria was terrified. But then she met with Ana Rosa Diaz and other C.J.’s workers. She joined the NGA’s Supply Chain Organizing Committee.

And she confronted her boss and demanded he stop the abuse.

“I’m not alone,” Maria said, “and that’s what makes us strong.”

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 will help support hundreds more workers on the Wal-Mart supply chain fight for their dignity.

The Supply Chain Organizing Committee has already reached hundreds of workers like Maria. But there are 60,000 Wal-Mart suppliers in the U.S.—and Wal-Mart refuses even to reveal which of them employ guestworkers. The workers need your support.

Help us end forced labor on the Wal-Mart supply chain. Please donate today!

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