Stop labor abuse at Walmart warehouses!

Marta Medina works at a warehouse moving goods for Walmart in Southern California. Temperatures top 100 degrees daily, and inside the metal containers Marta unloads it can reach 120 degrees. Marta and her fellow workers face low pay, dangerous conditions, frequent injury, and intense retaliation from bosses when they speak up.

You supported the brave guestworkers at Walmart supplier C.J.’s Seafood when they exposed forced labor. Now we need your help to end labor abuse for Walmart’s warehouse workers.

Just this morning, courageous warehouse workers went on strike. Tomorrow, workers and supporters will start a 50-mile, six-day march from Riverside to Los Angeles to win respect and basic improvements to working conditions.

Sign the warehouse workers’ letter asking Walmart executives to meet with the workers and live up to their own Standards for Suppliers.

Just like Walmart tried to hide from forced labor at C.J.’s, it’s now trying to hide behind a chain of subcontractors to ignore illegal conditions at its warehouses.

Please sign the warehouse workers’ letter to Walmart executives to help end labor abuses across the Walmart supply chain!

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