Support the workers’ 24-hour fast to make Walmart end forced labor!

Since Ana and her fellow guestworkers joined the NGA and went on strike to expose forced labor on the Walmart supply chain in Louisiana…

…more than 143,000 of you have demanded demanding that Walmart stop profiting from forced labor.

Walmart is still refusing to negotiate with the workers about steps to end forced labor on its supply chain.

That’s why the workers are holding a 24-hour fast this Saturday, June 30, in front of Walmart board member Michelle Burns’ penthouse apartment in NYC.

Can you support them with a solidarity fast of your own, a message of support, or a donation of $24 or more to their strike fund?

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I will conduct a solidarity fast of my own in support of the workers' fight to end forced labor on Walmart's U.S. supply chain!

Donate to the Strike Fund

We’re asking for donations of $24 or more—one dollar for every hour of the 24-hour shifts Ana and her fellow strikers were forced to work.

PLEASE NOTE: Your donation will be processed by the NGA’s fiscal sponsor, the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice.


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Your donation will support workers' fight to end forced labor, wage theft, and exploitation -- for guestworkers and U.S. workers alike!


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