Stephen Boykewich on the Fight at Hershey’s – The Rick Smith Show – 9/1/11

The Rick Smith Show has devoted itself to covering the fight for justice at Hershey’s. The following series of interviews discusses the effort with several different organizers and the National Guestworker Alliance’s own Stephen Boykewich.

9/1 Stephen Boykewich on the ongoing fight: Harrisburg, New York City, and beyond!

12:57 minutes (8.9 MB) Download audio file

Tommy llowiecki on the J1 students cultural experience in Scranton

7:10 minutes (6.57 MB) Download audio file


Mitch Troutman on Zimmerman’s unvitation to accepting the petitions and the solidarity with local workers

6:26 minutes (4.42 MB) Download audio file


Stephen Boykewich of the National Guestworker Alliance on the continuing fight for Justice at Hersheys

17:42 minutes (12.15 MB) Download audio file


Sarita Gupta, Executive Director of Jobs with Justice, on movement building

15:29 minutes (10.64 MB) Download audio file


Rick Bloomingdale fresh from prison on why the PA AFLCIO is standing with J-1 students

16:56 minutes (15.51 MB) Download audio file

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