Selected Justice at Hershey’s news coverage – 8/17-18/11

August 17, 2011


Nick Malawskey, “Foreign guestworkers, union members protesting Hershey Co. policies for foreign workers,” Aug. 17, 2011,

Nick Malawskey, “Foreign students who work at Hershey warehouse say ‘we have our rights,’” Aug. 17, 2011,

Nick Malawskey, “Three arrested for trespassing at protest for Hershey Co. foreign guestworkers” Aug. 17, 2011,

Patriot News, “’Justice at Hershey’s’: Foreign Guestworkers Detail their Hershey Co. Experience in Video,” Aug. 17, 2011,

*WGAL, “Foreign Workers Walk Off Job at Hershey Packaging Plant,”, Aug. 17, 2011,

*WGAL, “Police Called to Susquehanna Valley Labor Dispute,”, Aug.17, 2011,

WGAL, “Student Workers, Union Members Protest at Lebanon Plant,” WGAL Slideshow,, August 17, 2011,

*WHPTV, “VIDEO UPDATES: Foreign guestworkers at Hershey protest against exploitation,”, Aug. 17, 2011,

*WHTM, “Foreign students, labor leaders protest Hershey packing plant,, Aug. 17, 2011,


Julia Preston, “Foreign Students in Work Visa Program Stage Walkout at Plant,” New York Times, Aug. 17, 2011,

Dave Jamieson, “Student Guestworkers at Hershey Plant Allege Exploitative Conditions,”, Aug. 17, 2011,

August 18, 2011


John Latimer, “Foreign Student-Workers Protest in Hershey,” Lebanon Daily News, Aug. 18, 2011,

John Latimer, “Local Union Leaders Arrested at Protest,” Lebanon Daily News, Aug. 18, 2011,


AP, “Foreign Students Protest Outside Hershey Warehouse in Pa., Complain of Mistreatment,” Washington Post, Aug. 18, 2011,


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